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Linux Wireless Networking (NOT)

I finally give up. I just wanted to install a usb wifi dongle on my old laptop (currently running Ubuntu 10.10). The Usb stick claims to support linux. It’s chipset claims to be supported by Ubuntu. You plug it in. … Continue reading

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Path to Madness

Adobe Illustrator …. Am I doing something wrong? It looks like guides dragged down from the rulers are being treated as paths. So when I use the “Add Anchor Point” tool to add an anchor at the point the guide … Continue reading

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The Order of Things

Next newbi error… Take my working iOS opengl app, and refactor it into something that will easily support a couple of other scenarios. Important thing to know: the following calls must end up being called in order (openGL ES 1 … Continue reading

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c++ in a cocoa project

Make sure all the objective c files that might end up importing a c++ header – even indirectly, have a .mm extension. If you don’t: expect expected-specifier-qualifier list before … errors in the c++ include file.

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Music Theory

I have a bit of experience editing midi files in a sequencer, like reason. However, I thought it might speed things up a bit if I learned some of the theory, rather than just hacking about until it sounds “right”. … Continue reading

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Dalmatians that is. Watched the original cartoon last night. I had forgotten how stylish the artwork was, the ink like backgrounds are lovely. Really enjoyed seeing it again.

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I’ve been practicing with a touch typing tutor (Mavis Beacon). It’s got a few bugs (will throw in some keystrokes you haven’t learned yet), but it seems to be working. I can now type at the heady rate of 10wpm… … Continue reading

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New Toy

I’ve finally got around to looking at Modo for 3d modelling. I had a go at their quick start tutorial… The start was anything but quick; It seemed to take me forever to sort out the canvas such that a … Continue reading

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Wow, the BBC has sunk to a new low in the journalism stakes. I understand that news reporting is fundamentally part of the entertainment industry, but I cant help feeling that they could add a bit of insight or critical … Continue reading

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Just an odd thought about the whole right/left brain thing. It occured to me pushing myself to do another set of the tai chi form, that the resistance to doing it was like the left wouldn’t give up it’s control … Continue reading

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