New Group Name in XCode 4

I guess it is what you should expect, but it fooled me for a bit.

If you add a new group with a right click in xcode 4, to give it a meaningful name you need to select the new folder (which has the default name “New Group”) and hit return. You can then edit the name in place.

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4 Responses to New Group Name in XCode 4

  1. I didn’t expect that! Xcode 3.x had a rename option in the right-click menu. This was driving me nuts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jacob Relkin says:

    Thanks so much! This was driving me nuts as well.

  3. bauer says:

    It’s annoying :/ Thanks a lot!

  4. Kheldar says:

    Hah, thanks, I could not figure the trick out 😀

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