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How about this for a captcha? Speaking as a human, that’s not an easy one to type….

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Reclaiming Bootcamp Space

I guess this is probably obvious, but it fooled me for a bit. I had a bootcamp vista install that I no longer use, and my mac pro had a further disk formatted with NTFS for use with the boot … Continue reading

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My new ISP dosn’t provide free spam filtering, but the mac’s email client ¬†seems to sort it out. what gets me though is the content… Is it really profitable to hundreds of spam emails for penis enlargement? I mean, how … Continue reading

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Moving ISP

Gosh, that wasn’t fun. I nearly free of my old ISP and hosting provider: Demon. They are a subsidiary of Thus, a scottish telecom company. My business site and internet access were provided by so called business level products provided … Continue reading

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Taylor Series

This graph amazes me. My original degree is in Computational Physics, so Taylor series are something I have often used, almost without thinking. Frankly I’ve always thought they were a bit dull. However, recently bought a copy of the Home … Continue reading

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Well it’s back to normal employment for a while for me. I’ve got the base engine for an iPhone game working well enough to keep me sane while I work on some enterprise contract. I’ve spent the last few weeks … Continue reading

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