A Bad Batch of Seagate

A warning.

I bought a mac pro from Jigsaw24.com with the 3 extra hard disk bays filled with 1T Seagate drives.

One Seagate drive failed after a few months. Their response was that if I played about I could probably recover the drive – there was an issue with them. Rather than following their advice I used a replacement Hitachi drive I had lying around.

I should have payed more attention to the “there was an issue with them” bit. Now a couple of years on, the other two drives have failed in quick succession.

So I offer a reliability warning on the following drives:

Seagate Barracuda ES 2 1000 bytes

P/N: 9CA158-303

Firmware: SN05

Date Code: 09224

Site Code: KRATSG

Symptom before shortly before fail is the disk starts clicking like it is turning off and on.

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One Response to A Bad Batch of Seagate

  1. blindjustis says:

    Fun – thats another seagate Barracuda starting to die (SMART errors).

    Different model though, and at least it’s giving me a warning.

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