Redshirts by John Scalzi

Is an entertaining jaunt. It’s not “ruin-your-underware funny” as suggested on the cover, but it does hit that difficult combination of light tone with a real story line.

The plot is deliberately unlikely, but written in such a manner as to make me want to stay along for the ride. It makes use of several tropes popular in  Star Trek but makes much, much better use of them.

If I have any criticism it is that several of the characters are a little hard to differentiate. Given the nature of the story this isn’t too surprising.

3/5 [entertaining]

Just to review my scoring:

1/5 [I thought it was bad, will give away my copy]

2/5 [Readable but an effort to finish, 
     would not buy the next in a series]

3/5 [Entertaining, 
     solid work, 
     would buy the next in a series]

4/5 [Well written, Entertaining, 
     Spark of imagination, 
     will buy the next in a series]

5/5 [Inspired, 
     desperately waiting on the next if a series]
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