Warren Buffet

I’m not the sort to idolize people. I never had any real heros when I was a Kid. So when I quote somone, it’s because the idea meant something to me rather than who they are.

I came across a short article on lifehacker, in short: Warren Buffet gets someone to list the 25 most important things they want to achieve, then asks them to pick the top 5 to execute. He asks the person what they are going to do about the other 20, and when they say ‘fit them in when they can’, he says that they are wrong; what they need to do is ignore them.

I seem to have arrived at a point with too many projects, and too little time. So I’m going to try that advice. FWIW I’ll track how it goes here.

For the record the 5 that matter to me are:

  1. Mastering .Net to my own satisfaction.
  2. Learning to draw comic book concept art.
  3. Improving my skills as a mathematician.
  4. Writing something and selling it.
  5. Writing some Mac/iOS apps and getting them on the app store.

Now as it happens i’m an experienced programmer who can writ and draw a bit, and my background is in Computational Physics so I’m not starting from nothing. I’m alerady considered a skilled .Net developer and I’ve done Apple development as well.

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