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Caught Out

Just when you think you have got the hang of something… Modo has an interesting concept of what an “item” is. In most 3d modelling tools I have used, the levels of selection are: vertex, edge, polygon, and object. (ok … Continue reading

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Worked through the tutorial for Maya Compositor (Toxik). Thought I would post the result – partly to see how to link video to the blog.   Maya Compositor Tutorial Final on Vimeo. Well – that seemed pretty easy…

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Cheap Messiah

If you want some high quality animation tools cheap, you could try this: link The makers of Messiah are doing a cheap deal – caveat is that the deal only becomes real if enough people take them up on it. … Continue reading

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Dalmatians that is. Watched the original cartoon last night. I had forgotten how stylish the artwork was, the ink like backgrounds are lovely. Really enjoyed seeing it again.

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New Toy

I’ve finally got around to looking at Modo for 3d modelling. I had a go at their quick start tutorial… The start was anything but quick; It seemed to take me forever to sort out the canvas such that a … Continue reading

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